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Francis Xavier
Chairman and Managing Director
System Controls

"Using NX with synchronous technology, we have dramatically accelerated our design modification process. We no longer need a history tree to make changes. It’s not uncommon that we are now making changes in seconds for work that used to take hours."

Synchronous Technology

The 3D modeling capabilities of synchronous technology allow you to work with models from any source, enabling you to work easily and efficiently with multi-CAD data. You can directly open and modify models from CATIA, Pro/ENGINEER®, SolidWorks®, and Autodesk Inventor®, and with data in standard formats including IGES, ISO/STEP and JT. Direct modeling with synchronous technology automatically finds and recognizes collections of faces representing functional features, and enables you to modify them quickly and easily.


Joan Doménech
Technical Director

"NX Mold Wizard was chosen not only for its impressive automation capabilities, but also because of the Siemens team’s understanding of mold design."

Mold Design

By combining industry knowledge and best practices with process automation, the mold design software application in NX streamlines the mold design process – from core and cavity creation to product and mold design validation.

Integration with NX CAM capabilities allows you to automatically create manufacturing processes for mold and die machining.


Michael Molina II
Progressive Design Technologies

"To truly automate the design of progressive dies, you need two things: an intelligent wizard and highly advanced modeling technology. NX is the only software that has both elements. Nobody else even comes close."

Progressive Die

NX guides you through all of the stages required to design a progressive die, automating the most tedious tasks and streamlining the most complex processes.NX Progressive Die Design is a comprehensive solution for both straight break and freeform sheet metal parts. You can design the complete die structure with associativity to the part design at every stage.


Pascal Lachance
Mechanical Engineer
Moules Mirplex Inc.

"The 840D helps us to achieve our complex mold and die machining requirements with its high-speed cutting capabilities"

NX - CAM Software

NX provides complete computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) software solutions for machine tool programming, postprocessing and machining simulation. NX CAM software’s advanced functions in each of its modules can maximize returns on your investments in the latest machine tool technology. Adopted across many industries, NX CAM software delivers proven capabilities for manufacturing in the aerospace, automotive, medical device, mold and die, and machinery industries.